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Toronto’s Top 8 Pizza Joints

    Toronto's Top 8 Pizza Joints

    There is no lack of pizzerias cranking out fresh slices in a wide variety of flavour profiles, from the traditional margherita to creative twists like roti with cilantro crème, thanks to pizza’s meteoric rise to prominence in recent years. Learn where to get the greatest pizza in Toronto, along with recommendations for where to find the ideal blend of sauce, cheese, and toppings. Have a nice meal!

    With three locations in Toronto, Queen Margherita QM Pizza is definitely making a name for themselves in the pizza industry. Dough produced with imported Italian Caputo Tipo flour and sauce from San Marzano tomatoes; all components are “ethically sourced” (a necessary component for true Neapolitan-style pizza). Choose between the margherita and the gio oldschool, both of which are excellent. The margherita has mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil, and a sprinkle of garlic. Fans also rave about the “alla champagnolo,” which has mushrooms, asiago cheese, garlic, goat cheese, and oregano, as well as the “calabrese” and “diavola.” Hurrier is an option for delivery.

    1. The Libretto Pizza Shop

    Everyone knows that Libretto serves the best Neapolitan wood-fired pizza in town, with a thin crust in the centre and a charred, pillowy edge. You can get your Libretto on at any of their four sites around the city, but if it’s your first trip, we recommend the original, which is nestled away on Ossington. From appetisers to pizzas, every meal on the menu is dead on with homestyle Italian flavour that will blow you away. The ‘libretto margherita’ is a reliable option since it is straightforward yet flavorful; however, the ‘Nduja’ pizza is the way to go if you’re craving something with more kick: spicy sausage, tomato, garlic, basil, mozzarella, and stracciatella. The duck confit pizza, the house-made sausage pizza, and the cremini mushroom pizza are all fan favourites. The “Ontario prosciutto & arugula” pizza has garlic, tomato, oregano, basil, and shaved Grana Padano.

    2. Pizza Shop Defina

    Defina is a hidden treasure on charming Roncy, serving customers a wide variety of meals grilled over hot wood. From wood-roasted chicken wings to pizzas, every item boasts a deep smokey taste. There is a wide variety of vegetarian choices, including “Nepoletana” (with a thin centre and fluffy crust), “Roma” (crisp and thin), and “Kamut,” an ancient grain with high protein. The ‘margherita’ and ‘diavola’ are basic, but wonderful; ‘the butcher,’ with tomato sauce, pancetta, sopressata, fennel sausage, prosciutto di parma and caramelised shallots is the solution for all meat aficionados. Tomato sauce, fior de latte, wild boar meatballs, mushrooms, grana padano, caramelised shallots, garlic, and oregano comprise “the pumba,” a dish for those who like trying new things.

    3. North of Brooklyn

    The new pizza shop north of Brooklyn has a laid-back vibe and focuses mostly on takeout and delivery while still serving authentic Neapolitan pizzas by the slice (yep, we said it). North of Brooklyn takes its cues from the serious pizza culture of Brooklyn and uses only fresh (never frozen) and local ingredients in its handcrafted pies. An all-time favourite is the white pizza (mozzarella, garlic, ricotta and arugula) nevertheless, other stars of the show include the ‘killer bee’ with sauce, mozzarella, Calabrese sausage, Serrano peppers, pickled red onion and honey, and the ‘kale & bacon’ with mozzarella, garlic and pecorino. Slices are available if you just cannot make a decision, or you may try your hand at pizza making, selecting ingredients from a menu. Garlic knots, crafted from leftover pizza dough and slathered with garlic butter, thyme, and grana padano, are not to be missed, and NOB’s pies can also be found at the rear of the Get Well Bar on Dundas and on Church St. in The Village if you can’t make it over to Queen. We provide delivery.

    4. Pizzeria ZA

    ZA Pizzeria is the pizza joint in The Annex that does things a little differently; they grill their pizzas to give them a distinct smokey flavour. Pizza at ZA is cooked at a high temperature, so it is pushed out rapidly and is crispier than the typical pizza since it is made using Canadian flour instead of Italian flour, which is used by most pizzerias. Due to the inclusion of soda water, the dough is light and airy, and the flavour combinations are quite remarkable (think: maple, bacon and potato chips, or duck confit, roasted grapes and balsamic reduction). There is also a vegan alternative (fake cheese not included) with a cauliflower and macadamia nut purée drizzled on top. *Delivery is also an option.

    5. True True

    True True Pizza is dedicated to the one-person pizza; their handcrafted pizzas are stretched by hand and come in oblong forms so that each customer may enjoy their own. Everything from the distinctive dough (which is proofed for 48 hours) to the toppings is produced in-house using only the finest, freshest local, seasonal ingredients. Order a specialty pizza like the “donnie brasco,” which comes with fennel sausage, chorizo, pepperoni, ricotta, cheese, sauce, pickled red onion, oregano, and parmesan, or the “into the wild,” which has mozzarella, blue cheese, wild mushrooms, parmesan, and truffle oil. Looking to unleash your imagination? If you decide to make your own pizza, remember that toppings are free of charge. True True’s two-minute pizza service makes it ideal for a midday meal. Foodora offers delivery services.

    6. A Meal with Mangia & Bevi

    What was once a quick coffee stop in Corktown has transformed into a popular Italian restaurant known for its top-notch pizza. Despite lacking a wood-fired oven, Mangia & Bevi’s sourdough crust is consistently charred and airy, and the restaurant’s extensive menu of pizzas (including “bianche,” “classiche,” and “guiste”) is a true find. The “communista,” featuring San Marzano sauce, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and sopressata; the “piccante,” featuring spicy sausage, chilli flakes, red onion, sauce, and mozzarella; and the “patata & pancetta,” featuring mozzarella, potatoes, bacon, rosemary, red onion, and parmesan, are all fan favourites. Try one of their morning pizzas, which are exclusively available during brunch. Just Eat and Foodora both provide delivery services.

    7. Detroit-Style Pizza, an Ancestral


    A two-day proofed dough is cooked in oil-slicked pans, creating a light and fluffy sponge-like centre with crispy edges, and Descendant is Toronto’s response to Detroit-style pizza. Descendant pizza, which uses crushed tomatoes in lieu of sauce and is piled high with toppings, is the epitome of pizza excellence; yet, you shouldn’t be shocked to learn that it costs quite a bit more than the average pie. The ‘jaffna’ pizza, topped with roti, mango chutney, cilantro cream, green onions, and Calabrian chillies, is just one example of the very flavorful yet potent speciality pizzas available at this restaurant. The sausage and peppers is another fan favourite (smoked cheese, Nduja sausage, Calabrian chiles, Peruvian peppers, hot ranch sauce). * UberEats can bring your order right to you.

    8. Created by the Pizza Maker

    Maker Pizza is a well-kept secret that has become well-known for its excellent pies and great flavours. Pizza, hot and cold Italian sandwiches, salads, and hot wings are on the menu at Maker, a casual facility designed mostly for delivery and take-away (there is a large communal table for dining). Maker raises the standard by enlisting Chef Matty Matheson from Parts & Labour to conceive and construct the cuisine. You may order white or red pizza, and choose from three different sizes. You can get some delivery, but if you’re feeling adventurous, try making your own pizza.

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